Admissions Open: Classes Start in July 2024
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At HSB, we welcome individuals with a bent for technology.

STEM graduates, as well as those with Design/Media/Business/ Commerce/Economics background & proficiency in SQL, Python before coming to campus, with preferably 2 to 4 years of full-time industry experience are best suited for this programme. In addition to IT, experience in various domains is also suitable for the programme

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Round 4 Application deadline

31st May 2024

Course starts

End of June 2024

Application process

Applications Open for

The HSB MBA is the first-of-its-kind MBA in the country with a specialisation in Product Management. The 2-year fully residential programme has been designed for those with a STEM background and a proven track record of preferably 2 to 4 years in full-time industry roles.

Graduates in Design, Media, Business, Commerce and Economics, with preferably 2-4 years full time experience, are welcome provided they are comfortable with technology, and have a basic proficiency in SQL and Python before coming to the campus.

Test Scores

from CAT, XAT, GMAT, GRE, HSB test

Statement of purpose

talking about your career path, goals and the driving force behind pursuing this program

Bachelor’s degree

with minimum 60% marks or equivalent grade along with transcripts from universities attended

School marksheets

showing minimum 60% marks in 10th and 12th


with all credentials and work experience

Fee Structure

Year 1 Year 2 Total
One-time Admissions Fee*
INR 50,000
INR 50,000
Security Deposit (Refundable)**
INR 20,000
INR 20,000

Tuition Fee

INR 9,75,000
INR 9,75,000
INR 19,50,000

Residential Fee

INR 1,65,000
INR 1,65,000
INR 3,30,000

Mess Fee

INR 60,000
INR 60,000
INR 1,20,000


INR 12,70,000

INR 12,00,000

INR 24,70,000

*One-time admission deposit of INR 50,000 will be collected at the time of accepting the offer. 

**INR 20,000 security deposit will be refunded post-graduation 

*** In case you are applying for a bank loan, a letter from the bank stating that they have begun processing your loan application with an estimated payment date is required

Please note: 
  • For information regarding withdrawals and refunds, please refer to HSB’s  Refund Policy
  • A refundable security deposit of Rs. 20,000 will be collected with the year 1 tuition fee and will be refunded after graduation

Financing Your HSB MBA

We understand that financing your education is crucial in achieving your academic and career aspirations. As a part of our commitment to your financial ease, we have partnered with the top banks to offer financing options at attractive interest rates to fund your HSB MBA.

Steps to Apply for Your Loan

Please note: When searching for loan schemes, students should search for “JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU)

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Pursue an enriching MBA with a Product Management specialization at Hari Shankar Singhania School of Business. We offer diverse scholarship opportunities for aspiring product managers, promoting access, inclusivity, and celebrating diversity. Invest in your future with us.

JKO Visionary Business Leader Scholarship

Rewarding exceptional vision and leadership, this scholarship at HSB has been envisaged to support innovative thinkers and strategic minds in shaping the future of global business landscapes. Professionals with a demonstrated potential to become visionary leaders will be awarded this scholarship based on their application and interview.

Students awarded the JKO Visionary Business Leader Scholarship can get a 50%-100% tuition fee waiver.

Women in Product Management Scholarship

Empowering aspiring women in tech to become leaders in their field through an MBA at HSB, this scholarship celebrates diversity and supports women pursuing excellence in product management. The merit of the candidate, as demonstrated through the application and interview process, will determine the awardees of this scholarship.

Students awarded the Women in Product Management Scholarship can get a 50%-100% tuition fee waiver.

Aspiring Techpreneur Scholarship

Fostering the next wave of tech innovators, this scholarship is envisioned to aid individuals with the demonstrated potential to develop groundbreaking tech-driven entrepreneurial ventures during and beyond their MBA journey at HSB.

Students awarded the Aspiring Techpreneur Scholarship can get a 50%-100% tuition fee waiver.

Academic Merit Scholarship

Recognizing brilliance and academic merit, this scholarship acknowledges outstanding academic achievements, facilitating a path to our pioneering MBA at HSB. The academic prowess of the candidates as exhibited in the application form and interview, will determine the awardees of this scholarship.

Students awarded the Academic Merit Scholarship can get a 15%-75% tuition fee waiver.

Merit cum Means Scholarship (Need-Based)

At HSB, we believe in ensuring equitable access to high-quality education. Bridging talent with opportunity, this scholarship ensures that deserving individuals with financial constraints have access to top-tier education at HSB, based on both merit and need.

Students who are awarded the Merit cum Means Scholarship (Need-Based) can get a 15%-75% tuition fee waiver.

Diversity Scholarship (Geographic Area and Non-Tech Students)

Celebrating varied perspectives and backgrounds, this scholarship invites students from diverse geographic regions and non-tech disciplines, enriching the collaborative tapestry of HSB’s academic community.

Students who are awarded the Diversity Scholarship (Geographic Area and Non-Tech Students) can get a 15%-50% tuition fee waiver.

Loan Application Requirements

To secure your education loan, kindly ensure you meet the below requirements before applying for your loan:

*Please note: Only 95% of the loan amount is sanctioned

Product Management MBA students discussing in the library of HSB College, Jaipur.

Know Someone Perfect for the Programme?

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HSB Campus

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Learn more about our MBA programme, the institute, and the admission process. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below. 

About the Programme

1. What is the HSB MBA Programme?

The HSB MBA is the first-of-its-kind MBA in the country with a specialisation in Product Management. The 2-year fully residential programme has been designed for early career STEM graduates. This programme is a synthesis of high-in-demand courses spanning design, technology and business.

Graduates in Design, Media, Business, Commerce and Economics, with preferably 2-4 years full time experience, are welcome provided they are comfortable with technology, and have a basic proficiency in SQL and Python before coming to the campus.

2. When will the session for the Founding Class commence?

The session for the Founding Class will commence in June 2024

3. Does the programme award an MBA degree?

Yes. Upon completing the 2-year MBA at HSB, students will be awarded a globally recognised MBA degree by the JK Lakshmipat University.

4. After completing the programme, what career opportunities will I have?
Graduates of this flagship MBA with a specialisation in Product Management will be at the forefront of the symbiosis between tech and industry and, thereby, future-ready managers and leaders. To know more, click here. Your employment opportunities will be spread across sectors including but not limited to technology, finance, healthcare, gaming, and entertainment. Click here to know more.


1. Who will be teaching us at HSB?

The General Management track will be taught by star faculty from the leading IIMs and experienced practitioners.

The Product Management track has Chairman ISPMA and pedigreed domestic practitioners teaching.

The Leadership track will be taught in workshop mode by reknowned practitioners.

2. What role will visiting faculty play during my programme at HSB?

The faculty members at HSB will primarily consist of visiting faculty who will be on campus for the duration of the courses they will be teaching. The students will be able to engage with the faculty during this period directly and will have the option to liaise with them once the module is complete at the discretion of the faculty

3. Where can I view detailed information on the faculty?

All faculty members are listed on the website. You can view their details and academic and professional credentials here.


1. Can I specialise in the General MBA track rather than Product Management?

No, currently, the flagship program is offered only with a specialisation in product management; however, there are three tracks that the MBA is composed of: 

-The General Management Track

– The Product Management Track

– The Leadership Track

The General Management track, with over 400 academic hours across 2 years, provides high quality learning at the level available at leading B Schools. On top of this high quality Business acumen, HSB’s MBA provides approx 600 hours of Product, Technology, Design courses and 6 months of full time internship in product facing role.

2. How many courses will I study during my MBA?

As part of your MBA, you will study 45 courses

3. What is the programme's approach to experiential learning?

The programme has been designed to ensure Experiential learning is an integral part of the curriculum.  The leadership track (Think, Communicate, Lead) equips you with the soft skills required to navigate and ace the workplace successfully. Learn-Apply-Build is one of the key USPs of the programme. Students will be encouraged to utilise the virtual lab and engage in practice-based learning.

4. Will internships be a part of the programme structure?

The second year has 6 months of dedicated Internships in Product facing roles. 2 months at a Large enterprise, followed by 4 months at a suitable, well funded Start Up.

Campus, Residence, and Other Facilities

1. Where is HSB located?

HSB is located on the J K Lakshmipat University campus, Ajmer Road, Jaipur. The campus is located 20 km away from Jaipur and is easily accessible by road.

2. Is it mandatory for all students to live on campus?

Yes, the programme is compulsorily residential; all students must live on campus.

3. I am married; can my spouse live with me on campus?

You will be provided accommodation close to the campus. You may do so if you wish to live with family and attend as a day scholar. However, this will be decided on a case-to-case basis at the institute’s discretion.

4. What are the facilities available to students on campus?

Single occupancy AC rooms with shared toilets. Mess, cafeteria, on-site health services, counselling support, and a fully-equipped gymnasium available.

5. Can I schedule a campus visit?

The campus is open on weekdays as well as weekends. You can visit the campus anywhere between 9 AM to 5 PM without prior notice. To schedule a campus visit, click here.


1. How do I know if I am eligible to apply to HSB?

To be eligible to apply to HSB’s MBA programme, applicants must have:
A. A bachelor’s degree, preferably in a STEM field; background in Design/Media/Business/Commerce/Economics is also welcome
B. Proficiency in SQL & Python before coming to campus
C. 2-4 years of relevant work experience
D. Minimum 60% grade in 10th and 12th final exams as well as your bachelor’s
E. A recent and relevant test score from the list of accepted standardised tests

2. Are standard tests mandatory to apply? Which test scores are accepted at HSB?

Yes, the student must have a standardised test score. Currently, HSB accepts CAT, XAT, GMAT, GRE, or the HSB Test. You can start the application without any of these scores; however, an application will only be considered complete for processing if it contains a valid test score. You are encouraged to apply once you have a test score.

3. What is the application process?

Admissions at HSB are made through a two-part process: an online application followed by a personal interview (if shortlisted).
As part of the online application, apart from the required documents, you will be expected to share a Statement of Purpose and an updated resume.

4. When do applications open?

The applications will open in October 2023 for the Founding Class starting in June 2024.

5. Do I need to complete the whole application in one go?

No. You can save your application progress on the application platform and complete it at your convenience. The application will be processed only once it has been submitted. Please note that once submitted, you will not be able to edit your application

6. I have worked in my family business for the past year; does that count as work experience?

Yes, full-time work experience as part of your family business qualifies so long as you have non-family members as referees to validate your work.

7. Do part-time work and internships count as work experience?

No, only full-time work experience is considered as part of your application. You may highlight part-time work or passion projects in your Statement of Purpose or resume; however, it will not be counted towards your work experience.

8. How do I add/change information if I have already submitted my application?

To make changes to your application once it has already been submitted, you can raise a query via the application dashboard. You will be required to mention the change required and the reason for the change in the application. The Admissions Committee will review your case and decide on whether the request for the change can be accepted.

Fees and Financial Aid

1. Are there any financing options or scholarships I can avail of?

HSB has a dedicated financial aid policy to ensure that students from every stratum of society find management education within their reach. Need-based aid shall be provided to interested students after an assessment of the financial position of their families. As a part of our commitment to your financial ease, we have partnered with the State Bank of India (SBI) to offer financing options at attractive interest rates to fund your HSB MBA. Click here to know more.

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