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Mayank Gaur

COO, Stealth

Mayank Gaur is the COO at Stealth. He is a data driven leader strongly believing in the power of precognition that data have, which analytics can leverage in delivering great and insightful information for clientele. He has delivered value and insights for numerous clients, scaling their businesses 10 X in record times not only in terms of retention / acquisition but on a ROI / ARPU level. Mayank has been an integral part of 0 to 1 , 1 to 10 and 10 to 100 growth phases of various startups in the country.

He strongly believes in the power of AI and ML. An expert in Python & R script, he uses Data Visualization, Power-BI & Tableau to arrive at strategic decisions for businesses. He has worked across multiple domains and practices serving in roles like SCM consulting, use case prioritization, feature definition, ownership of the product road-map, acquisition & retention strategies and customer segmentation for the same, product priority-based feature trade-offs decision making, anticipating bottlenecks , managing risk & escalations. Winner of IBM Manager’s Choice and Cognizant Spot Awards, Mayank believes in balancing a firm’s business needs and underlying technical constraints for producing creative and sustainable solutions.

He holds an MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management.