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Adheet Gogate

Adheet Gogate Sr. Solutions Leader, Mckinsey & Company

Sr. Solutions Leader,
Mckinsey & Company


Adheet is an accomplished healthcare leader with a track record of delivering business results for and at payers and providers worldwide. He is a Senior Solutions Leader at McKinsey & Company, where he leads the creation of analytics based and insights-led strategy for providers, payers and other healthcare institutions worldwide.Adheet has worked with over a 100 healthcare institutions in over a dozen countries to chart their care strategies and improve their patient care and clinical outcomes. He has been a Consultant, Founder, Business head and Operations head for various healthcare ventures and worked with Institutions across the world. His professional interests include healthcare strategy, technology and digital medicine, and coaching people to be better professionals tomorrow. Adheet lives in Mumbai. He enjoys travelling, reading, teaching, and cooking.