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Software Product Managers: Navigators of the Global Digital Realm

Software Product Managers are playing pivotal role in driving the success of digital products at a global scale. They are combining strategic thinking, cross-functional collaboration, and a deep understanding of global market dynamics to command salaries that are hitting the roof. 

According to an article published in Times of India on 26 th March 2024 (refer to the image below), if experts are to be believed, there is a tremendous demand for SPM role in the Global Capability Centres of MNCs and a shortage of skilled manpower meeting the same.

Whether SPM is driving the India story or effectively decoding the shades of grey in the user behaviour, one thing is certain that today’s Digital Product Managers must think and act like mini-CEOs. It is not just having the required skills that matter but the mind-set to constantly
leverage the full stack anchoring of digital product lifecycles, that will maintain the competitive advantage and create business value.

Navigating Innovation: The Evolution of the Product Manager in the Global Tech Renaissance

Gone are the days of mere product development; today, it is about sculpting dreams into digital reality. Global Capability Centres (GCCs) and Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) in India often offer competitive salaries for product managers compared to other industries. This is because GCCs operate in sectors like IT, technology, finance, and consulting, where skilled product managers are in high demand. Digital Product managers in GCCs can command some of the highest salaries in India due to the complex and strategic nature of their roles within these multinational organizations. Clearly, in a grand race of lucrative packages, the crown jewel goes to Software Product Managers. Software products often generate valuable data, which can be monetized through analytics, advertising, or selling insights to third parties.

Unlocking Worldwide Horizons: The Power of Product Thinking for Global Expansion

Product thinking, when implemented effectively, can indeed enable global reach by involving factors such as localization, cultural nuances, scalability, and user experience to ensure that the product resonates with a global audience and can be successfully adopted across different markets and regions. ‘’What we need now are good, agile product managers. It’s not just about product management the way it was with the 18 months cycle, it has to be things that happen very quickly’’, says Rishi Nayar, SVP & Country Head, ELLUCIAN. (Nayar, Rishi; How software product mgrs. help build global products;  Times of India, OPED Techie, 2024 March 26, p. 17.)

How Product Thinking is enabling global reach

A product manager is a strategist, an innovator, a customer advocate, and a visionary. They play a pivotal role in driving the success of global products by combining strategic thinking, cross-functional collaboration, and a deep understanding of global market dynamics and customer needs. They oversee the entire product lifecycle from conception to delivery and beyond.

The product guy: A mini-CEO

With a Product Management Mind-set, such a digital native can perfectly be called as a Mini CEO as he adopts a strategic and entrepreneurial approach to product management, akin to a miniature CEO focusing on the products success.

Customer Craze: Unleashing the Maniacal Magic of Exceptional Service!

The software product manager is not just a guardian of features but a custodian of emotions, understanding the pulse of the global market and translating it into products that resonate deeply with users. They are the custodians of the customer journey, mapping every touchpoint with meticulous attention to detail.

Product Managers Tackling Society’s Grand Challenges

With focus on scalability to maximize the impact of their solutions and ethical considerations, Product managers prioritize data privacy, security, and ethical AI practices to ensure that their solutions uphold societal values. Data-Driven Decision Making and collaboration with stakeholders, Product managers help in understanding complex societal issues and designing comprehensive solutions. ‘’Product management has been a driver of the India story on how to solve large societal complex problems at scale and speed, so that billions of people get services.’’ says Viraj Tyagi, CEO EGOV Foundation. (Tyagi, Viraj. How software product managers help build global products.  Times of India, OPED Techie, 2024 March 26, p. 17.) 
Navigators of the global digital realm, full stack product managers steer innovation, wield data for decision-making, champion customer-centric design, and adapt to ever-evolving software development paradigms.  HSB’s 2-year MBA specializing in Product Management is conceptualized to meet this emerging market demand for data driven full stack product leaders or the mini-CEOs. With the admission cycle in full swing, it is no surprise that the program has been extremely well received by the students with aspirations for MBA and a career in Product Leadership. While the industry leaders and corporates have been vocal about their support extended to HSB’s vision for the program, it is only a matter of time before HSB emerges as the market leader in its chosen domain at a global stage.