Madhav Kaushish

Head of Academics, Centum Learning

COURSE Critical Thinking and Analysis

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With a Ph.D. in mathematics and a love for education, Madhav is committed to working with others to create valuable learning opportunities for students of all ages, from young children to working professionals. As a ThinQ member (, he helps develop and run programs which help learners create knowledge and think critically.

As Head of Academies at Centum Learning, he helps design specialized academies for organizations, incorporating innovative tools and methods to improve the overall learning experience. He also works on developing AI tools, both for Centum’s customers and for their internal team.

Throughout his career, Madhav has had the chance to contribute to various educational projects, including founding a math assessment startup and working on curriculum development with various government and international organizations.

His experience covers a range of fields, including research, curriculum development, entrepreneurship, product management, and teaching. He is eager to learn new things, grow his abilities, and make a positive difference in the world through education.

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